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The approximate price for a bow-tie is 40 €; it could change based on the customization and the features.

Handmade customized bow ties

The bow tie is a very fashionable and unique accessory to define your style.

It can be a surprise as original gift or for yourself for a special occasion to give a sparkling and stylish touch to your look.

The leather bow ties are handmade from the beginning to the end and can be customized according to the request.

Every detail is studied and can be defined according to your taste: color of leather and thread, shape and initials.

We make the combinations according to the customer's preferences but if requested, we provide stylistic advice to facilitate the choice of combinations, especially for a personalized gift.

Whether for a wedding, a graduation or simply to make someone happy, the personalized bow tie is a winning choice also because we create special kits in which we supply belt and bow tie combinations for an elegant and unique total look.

Each bow tie is custom made, so we can make combinations and shapes based on the request.

Material: all bow-ties are in full-grain leather. We only use vegetable-tanned leather from Tuscany, which does not contain toxic substances that are harmful to humans and the environment. More information on

Color: we choose the natural colored leather, in order to have the possibility to dye it according to the customer's preferences. We manually dye the leather using a pad, for this reason it gets unique shades depending on the degree of absorption.

Seams: we make all the seams by hand with a special technique that allows the seam to be more resistant than the machine one. The threads we use are available in many colors to create unique and personalized bow-tie.