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Two cities

Francesco Borelli

Living in a city is fun…and busy!

You can combine style with practicality thanks to a small and smart backpack.

Stay away from the trends that last one season and be like Hamburg and Berlin: unique.

Wedding Bow ties

Francesco Borelli

Weddings, the moments when love is blooming…and pictures are taken!

Yes, despite what many can think, these occasions are also a catwalk for guests. Make sure to fit into the style that the bride and the groom selected by playing with accessories such as bow ties: your look will never be forgotten!

Autumn Leaves

Francesco Borelli

Autumn comes when the sun gets shy and precious and the scent of mist rises from the vineyards, when the warm tones of brown and red take their place on the colour palette.

The same colours of which the leather is dyed. Tampons, cotton and manual skills give natural leather the nuances that make it unique.

Is the summer really ended?

Francesco Borelli

Summer clings to those Sundays of peaceful transition, suspended between the promise of the leaves that the wind will make fall and the sun's rays that warm the face. The lake is also a suspended place, which is painted of sea and mountain.

From the white stones beach, the pier pushes over the lake. The sound of the waves lapping the wood of the planks and poles is rhythmic and measured.

Wild Chic

Francesco Borelli

In April the air becomes light, a breeze that tickles. To experience the nature you have to go along with it, adapt and become part of it, grow with it.

A philosophy made of patience, care and small details that are called details for us. Our products are born under the star of time that creates uniqueness.

The music of the wind between the bamboo is the sound of the thread that passes and binds the parts, forever because what we create is made to last.

Summer Wedding

Francesco Borelli

The summer brings with it holidays, trips and weddings! Hands up who doesn't have at least one in plans.

Important occasions must be celebrated with the right outfit: personalized and craft are the keywords!

A leather bag, be it a coloured clutch or a leather shopper, an original bow tie and you will be perfect!

Enjoy the summer!

Secret Journey

Francesco Borelli

Known to few, this corner of London tells an intimate story and stands out white and flowery on the shiny skyscrapers.

Here time passes enjoying moments. It is the time it takes to create a handmade, tailored and unique product.

Saint Dunstan in the East has remained consistent with itself and for this reason it is and will always be unique.

Your handmade leather product will talk about you, your time in its time: made to last and be unique.