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About Us


We are an Italian couple living in Berlin with the passion for handmade and good quality products.

Status Quoio concretizes our love for something unique and unrepeatable.

We love to create items that have a soul, are tailor-made and designed to last.

Total customization means that you can decide from a wide range of colors, fabrics and finishes to create an object that represents you.

Each product is unique because it is born from your requests and your imagination.

We are excited to be able to create new models to fulfill your requests

Every product is entirely handmade.

This allows you to create an item that will last in time, which continues to show the owner's personality by expressing its uniqueness.

The choice to use leather comes from the very nature of this material, which lives and changes over the years.

A leather product does not lie about its authenticity because its usage leaves its mark, creating nuances that express the life of those who used it.

The added value that it acquires over time is the result of lived experiences, places and meetings.

Francesco & Chiara